Mobiveil’s Enterprise Flash Controller (EFC) is a highly flexible and configurable design targeted for enterprise storage applications like SSD. The EFC is used to access the external NAND flash for high speed transactions of multiple pages of read or write data taking advantage of the pipeline performance of newer enterprise NAND flash devices. The controller architecture allows control of most all ONFI3 and toggle devices with flexible addressing schemes.

AXI System Interface

  • AXI3 Compliant Slave Interface
  • AXI3 Compliant Master Interface
  • Three interfaces for command, read data, and write data

NAND Flash

  • Supports ONFi 3.1 all modes
  • Supports Toggle mode NAND interface
  • BCH and LDPC error correction available
Mobiveil’s NVM Express Controller is highly flexible and configurable design targeted for both Enterprise and client class solutions that unlock the current and future potential of PCIe-based SSDs. The core efficiently supports multi-core architectures ensuring thread(s) may run on each core with their own queue and interrupt without any locks required. The controller architecture is carefully tailored to optimize link and throughput utilization, latency, reliability, power consumption, and silicon footprint. Mobiveil’s NVM Express controller can be used along with its PCI Express controller (GPEX) and any third party NAND Flash controller. The NVMe controller comes with 2 flavors:

  • Native NVMe Controller with proprietary control and Data path interfaces
  • NVMe Controller with AXI interface
  • UNH Certified
  • Highly Configurable
  • NVMe aware DMA Engine
  • Highly Efficient HW/SW Partitioning
  • NVMe Command Handler Firmware
Mobiveil’s Integrated Flash Controller (IFC) also referred as ‘ONFI NAND Flash Controller’ or ‘Toggle NAND Flash Controller’ is a highly flexible and configurable design targeted for consumer applications like camera, audio players flash based storage drives, networking and communication devices, etc. The IFC is used to access the external NAND Flash, NOR Flash, EPROM, SRAM and Generic ASIC memories. The controller architecture is carefully tailored to provide ease of integration to SoC and chip select to enable the use of memory banks depending on the choice of memory.

AXI System Interface

  • AXI V1.0 Compliant Slave Interface


  • Supports x8/x16 NAND flash interface
  • Supports ONFi 3.1 (NV-DDR2 mode)
  • Supports Toggle Mode 2.0 NAND Interface
  • BCH code up to 40 bit Error correction per sector
  • ECC generation/checking optional
Mobiveil’s HyperBus flash Interface is a low pin count interface that achieves significantly higher performance than legacy parallel and SPI interfaces for SPI based NOR flashes. This controller Interface involves a simple read/write protocol that is suitable for both memories and peripheral interfaces. Interestingly, this interface only requires an additional six pins more than the QSPI. The HyperFlash memories coupled with our Hyperbus flash controller provide a new standard for performance by delivering upto 333 MB/s using this 12-pin interface.

  • Compatible with spansion hyperbus based memory products
  • 0 Wait State Write Burst Operation for HyperBus memory on AXI interface of up to 256 words
  • True Continuous Burst Read operation for HyperFlash on HyperBus memory interface
  • AXI-lite port for control registers accesses
  • Minimum Gap between two Read Operations for highest performance on HyperBus memory interface
  • Cache Line accesses for Execution-in-Place (XiP)
  • HyperBus memory device clock of up to 166MHz. Up to 16 outstanding address support in AXI
Mobiveil’s Enhanced Secure Digital Memory Controller is a highly flexible and configurable design targeted for consumer applications like digital cameras, mobile phones, tracking devices, tablet computers, gaming etc. The controller architecture is carefully tailored to achieve scalable performance through multiple data transfer modes, and low silicon footprint.

  • Compliant with AXI V1.0 Specification
  • Conforms to the SD Host Controller Standard Specification version 3.0
  • Compatible with the MMC System Specification version 4.5
  • Compatible with the SD Memory Card Physical Layer
    Specification version 3.01
  • Compatible with the SD – SDIO Card Specification version 3.0
  • Designed to work with SD Memory, SDIO, SD Combo, MMC,
    and their variants like mini, micro, embedded etc.
Mobiveil’s Quad SPI Controller is a highly flexible design using different request/response schemes and full duplex mode(standard mode) based on SPI, targeting wide variety of peripheral slave devices like ADC and DAC converters, sensors like temperature sensors and pressure sensors, or devices like signal-mixer, LCD controller, UART, CAN controller, USB controller and amplifier…etc. Also it supports serial flash memory devices from vendors like Spansion, Winbond etc. This controller uses 32 bit processor interface AMBA APB to support highest level of programmability.

  • Configurable SPI modes:
    • Standard SPI mode
    • Dual SPI mode
    • Quad SPI mode
  • Standard/Dual/Quad SPI mode supports:
    • Single Master mode only
    • MSB first only
  • Supports programmable SPI clocking modes
  • Programmable interrupt on SPI-done
  • SPI Slave devices can be independently selected
  • Programmable Power-down mode for Master state machine
  • Programmable SCLK frequency derived from system clock Configurable Data FIFO depth
Mobiveil’s Universal NOR Flash Controller (U-NFC) is a highly flexible and configurable design targeted for IOT, automotive, medical and consumer applications. The U-NFC primarily does memory-mapped access to external NOR Flash memories. The controller IP features very high read performances with High bandwidth NOR flash memories. The IP can function as simple ‘SPI Flash Controller’ or , ‘Quad-SPI Flash Controller’ or ‘Octa-SPI Flash Controller’ or ‘Dual QSPI Controller’. The controller architecture is SoC friendly and supports multiple chip-selects.

AXI System Interface

  • AMBA AXI4/3 compliant slave interface for memory access
  • AMBA AXI4 Lite slave control interface

Universal NOR FLASH controller Features

  • SDR and DTR mode support.
  • Single, Dual, Quad and Octa mode of operation.
  • XiP support.
  • Wrap transfer support with supporting devices.
  • Continuous Burst transfer support.
  • Continuous wrap burst transfer support (Optional).
  • Auto boot support for Spansion and Macronix devices.
  • Boot in XIP supported for Micron N25Q Devices (Optional).
  • Upto 32 bit addressing mode.
  • 8 and 16 bit command support.
  • Supports all type of data transfers through programmable sequence.

Devices supported

  • Supports low power EcoXiP family of devices from ADESTO Technologies
  • Supports OCTA-SPI interface based flash devices from Macronix
  • Supports DDR Quad-SPI flash devices from SPANSION and MICRON
  • Supports Dual QUAD SPI Flash device from SPANSION
  • Limited or full support of DDR QUAD-SPI devices from other vendors