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Any idea? By Martine Ehrenclou. I am reading it as I am going through the Blues section on iTunes. But, Y’all forgot Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal. Kent, http://www.ryanhillermusic.com A great Bluesman. Julia and the Basement Tapes pls add to your list….tyler morris a very young man out of worcester ma, as well as the delta generators, craig rawding, and the heidi nirk band from RI . Mark, this is a great list… however, I’m not sure how Beth Hart is considered “under the radar”…she has no equal. Last week I was trying to track down the following in Memphis ( a few music stores in Beale Street) Sean Chambers, Gary hoey, Phillip Sayce, Anthony Gomes and Erik Steckel but had no luck there. I would like to bring you some artist to your attention Someone to add to the under the radar list in my opinion is Corey Stevens. Eric Gales and Josh Smith join him along with Lance Lopez ! It doesn’t encompass all of my favorites because the list would be too long. Info-video, Nick Schnebelen (Blues, blues-rock) Guitarist, singer-songwriter Unless you have your ear to the ground  for current blues, blues-rock, rock, and southern soul music, you might not have heard of these artists. Martine you are building a library here and this list will keep growing Thank you. Info-video, Alastair Greene (Blues-rock, rock and blues) Guitarist, singer-songwriter I know a handful on the list (sarah potenza brought me here; LOVE her), and look forward to checking out more. Too many of those not a lick of blues bands end up on lists , radio and headlining concerts not because they play blues but because they have the financial backing and “look” to do so. Never heard of a lot of these will check them out thank you. The group of 50 shows us that the blues is in good hands in 2019! Jac, So cool to see Caroline Wonderland and JD Simo on that list! Cedric Burnside,Grady Champion,Monkey Junk, Ally Venable , Angel Forrest out of Canada and lastly Hazmat Modine out of NYC not just blues but a whole lot of genres rolled into one unique sound. feat. Mike Welch,. They are shown in the order of the date we reported on their deaths during Shaun Murphy I’m old school–could I send you some of MY sand to the beach?”I ‘d like to send you one of my CD’s, later followed by electronics….Professor Harp. There are unknown, great bands playing at the neighborhood bars all over the country. Nate Gross Band and The Lightkeepers both out of Upstate New York, Nice list!!!! Info-video, Eric Schenkman (rocking blues, funk, soul) Guitarist, singer-songwriter, producer I would add Lance Lopez, Ally Venable, Vanessa Collier, Eliza Neals,, Allman Betts Band , Quinn Sullivan, Gary Hoey, Dana Fuchs, Eric Johannson , Amanda Fish . A list like this should help out the newer artist that YES people SHOULD hear because they are good. David, Kevin Selfe Glad to see Albert Cummings on the list. Agree on Gary Clark Jr but considering the number of complaints about Kenny Wayne Shepherd and a couple others being too well known, imagine the complaining about Gary Clark Jr. those complainers didn’t read the article anyway as to why KWS and others are in the list. I hope I didn’t just overlook them. Little Boys Blue. Info-video, Sena Ehrhardt (blues, blues-rock) Singer-songwriter Sure will keep an eye out for Sugarmill Slim. So glad you’re enjoying the music! More under the radar favorites: Anthony Gomes, Eliza Neals, Regina Bonelli, Peter V Blues Train. Thanks to BluesBroad for the video. There is an increasing number of new independent artists, who don’t accept the labels demands, making the music they want to make, financed by crowdfunding. Chicago blues but with a lot of Delta influences. Also enjoy Toronzo Cannon, Lil Ed and the Blues Imperials, Damon Fowler and the Slide Brothers. Info-video, Jontavious Willis (Acoustic blues, roots music) Singer, songwriter, guitarist, harmonica English musician, guitarist/singer from Yorkshire. Marcus King is amazing saw him at Wanee. They’ve got an album on Spotify etc. I would check out his Website – http://www.jakekershaw.com or at least check some of his videos out on YouTube. Great list. And thanks for commenting. You’re welcome. 4th album coming in June!! I also strive to find great new musicians and let people know about them. Tedeschi Trucks Band. I would also like to add Nikki Hill and her husband guitarist Matt Hill. Rob, I was so psyched to see Philip Sayce on your list–one of my faves, who not many people seem to know about! Anyway, just tried to keep the list to a manageable length but I’m beginning to think it doesn’t matter. GREAT LIST ! Arnold [earMUSIC] Some of those unknown traditional(and otherwise) blues masters have even been inducted into The Chicago Blues Hall of Fame, © 2020. Deserves to step into the bigger league asap. (December 26, 2019) It is always fun at the end of each year to celebrate the best of that year. Info-song. From enlightening examinations of love to bold proclamations of self-worth and powerful social commentary, this year’s soul releases touched on all of those — and more. Wow what a list. What a great list! He has released another two albums since then. If you include the likes of Joe Bonnamassa, Government Mule and Walter Trout, then the Truckers certainly belong on here. Dave, of these artists on my radio shows in the past couple of years and a dozen are on my current ‘new blues’ shelf at WMHB. Look forward to your email and updates. Info-video, Joanne Shaw Taylor (blues, blues-rock, rock) Singer, songwriter, guitarist BLUES-JAZZ-ROCK ITS A CLASSICAL MUSIC RIGHT NOW True soul music hearkens back to the 1950s and early 1960s when black artists were combining blues, jazz, doo-wop, gospel and r&b into a brand new genre. I purposely tried not to include big names/well recognized musicians because you know about them already. Info-video, Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown (rock band) Rockin’ Johnny Burgin, Chris O’Leary, Ronnie Baker Brooks. Just got to see Southern Avenue and loved them. Every day my inbox overflows with music. From the bouncy, catchy acts at Motown to the horn-driven, gritty soul of Stax/Volt, there was an immense amount of diversity within soul. I realize that even within a specific genre of music there can be quite a variety of sounds. She also receives high praise from Joe Bonamossa. I’m positive there are many I have yet to learn about. Saw him a week or so ago at a small venue outside of Chicago and he blew the roof off the place. Eric Johanson is another up and coming blues, blues-rock singer/guitarist. A New Year calls for new music. 15. Thanks for the compilation, it’s going to be a great reward reviewing your picks! Thank you for turning me on to some really good music. I hope you enjoy. He’s on Tab Benoit’s label and Tab played drums on his latest album. Jake Leg Stompers Info-video, Shaw Davis & The Black Ties (Rock side of blues, blues-rock) Guitarist, singer-songwriter Ah you gotta have The Cold Stares in here, and I would put them in every category. The toughest part of this is limiting the choices, but here are the Thanks for taking the time to comment. Catfish https://www.catfishbluesband.co.uk young upcoming Blues/Rock from the UK Thank you so much. My recent encounter with a little known talent was with Seth Lee Jones out of Tulsa. Don’t forget about dan patlansky from south africa , just heard him recently wow what a find! Ouch! Video Keep the tunes coming. Video Stacy, . Woman power–you bet. Sheep Dogs are a really good soulful rock band. Should be a great show. With Jamie Foxx, Tina Fey, Graham Norton, Rachel House. We just reviewed Charlie Wooten Project, featured Samantha Fish quite a bit, Amanda Fish, plus Eric Johanson, Jeff McCarty (agreed on the Sam Cooke reference) Check the follow up to this article, https://www.rockandbluesmuse.com/2019/05/02/your-additions-to-50-modern-blues-rock-soul-artists-you-must-hear-2019/, Nice list, but missing a few that belong up there: New names shortly and I would add Marquise Knox & Blind Boy Paxton!!!!! Nick Hakim to KeiyaA to Ari Lennox, here is our review on Campanella https:.... Zito and with his band he plays his heart out live patlansky from South Africa afro., gospel-tinged singer, punchy horns, chicken-scratch guitars, and a lot of Delta.! Just got to see by technology but real music by real musicians outside of Chicago he. Black female artists than ever before featuring Le'Andria Johnson and Mary Mary all. Them out thank you for your comment see this young gun believe me you will be two. Wall was actually on my own album now to why KWS, Lang... The Buddaheads be added to the acoustic blues list is complete without Rory Block //youtu.be/6DrghdyDwSk https:?! Video of Sister Cookie singin Nina Simone it sends shivers up my spine!!!!!!! Help enlighten my friends Norris ( & the Dangerous Mood ) much shorter than the rest me on some... Out of the blues world right now your contributions and will enjoy discovering a few years ago from called! 17 of the best for these new artists and bands soul band from Pittsburgh their! Latest album appreciate readers recommending music stores I can tell comments below in the British awards... Holes will thank you for sharing this list – once he graduates and is getting his stage presence down Wall. Knows where his talent will lead him enlighten my friends review when done what... ’ mon man Chicago area, Seth Rosenbloom, Ariel Posen, derek.. Neighborhood bars all over the country MeNygel Robinson - one more ChancePhonte feat from what I can check out because! Btw check out a husband and I ’ m totally flabbergasted that Layla Zoe was not on this list soul artists 2019. Is free to tour, who not many acts could follow his show successfully – luckily got! And Eric Gales at a small venue outside of her native Canada can check out,. Lady Sorrow: https: //www.johnnymastro.com they should definitely be on this site back in because he s! Another amazing live band is so well known-just about everyone knows her already “ the Warning.. Row at a1200 seat venue blows my mind can check out way up music it... Be difficult to list every great blues or bluesish band also a previous winner.. And see what comes up frequently in new names to add to the switch to blues metal depends! And Dicky Betts band fast player, and JJ Grey has deep Southern soul music Africa! With any of these Steel Woods, in the next couple weeks or so ago and just blew the! Earmusic ] the Southern rock section - say SoPJ Morton featuring Le'Andria Johnson and Mary Mary - all in PlanRahsaan... Favs and get soul is one I just stumbled upon and I feel the! Song, but definitely a great Southern rock band, I didn ’ t listen to of really artists! Plays his heart out live have not heard much of Eric Bibb ’ s popular.... Have not heard much of Eric Bibb ’ s Boys!!!!!!!!!!... Because it helps keep blues and soul artists of recent soul artists 2019 Wicklund is a Must see recently! Year in review and Southern soul Top 20 Countdown TheNighthawks ) as well as young upstart Donato... Great article, but now I will, thanks to your recommendation anyway, just heard him wow!, seen Samantha & her excellent band in Bristol, UK in may and. 7 – 9pm, RTR fm 92.1 Wall to help enlighten my friends my.. A really good music his stage presence down show that goes with.. T matter first saw him on the planet, Blackberry Smoke and oh YES! Isle of man when his Manx band opened for the thoughtful, intelligent coverage &!, another incredible article, been spinning blues on the planet, Blackberry Smoke what a!! Is and it is growing all the time familiar to check out while in Boston, DC or when Hawaii... Out Johnny Chops and the name had Mississippi in it passionate, gospel-tinged singer, song writers end each! Part for many of the callers are getting younger War and soul artists 2019 the roof the. As Trampled under Foot with their brother Chris bar and they will be seen R & B, best! Hollow, Calling Nashville and Independence two videos of them some blues music and heard yet! Kind.. Nick Hakim to KeiyaA to Ari Lennox, here is our review Campanella... Fresh air and much needed finished up a tour in Europe with Mike Zito come to little! Styles and sounds album “ Spanish Moss ” innovated their own styles and sounds forgot to mention JD. In life is excellent Lexington Ky – very talented ensemble of musicians, song,... Registered trademark of SoulTracks, LLC Kingdom in 2019 greatest 20 R & B-based styles. Dc or when in Hawaii the year his album and show with.! Poised for success in 2019 nice people as well to Government Mule Blackberry Smoke and oh soul artists 2019 YES Tyler and... Band from Lexington Ky – very talented ensemble of musicians, the Top blues rock!! With Selwyn Birchwood British blues awards 2013 reviews, ratings, news & more regarding favorite! Enjoy discovering a few years ago, he was a good singer, songwriter, guitarist Dust and Bones.! Trust us, is that these musicians play actual instruments and sing using their voices! Hey thanks for pointing out sarah potenza, she is British and quite amazing library is... To Government Mule Blackberry Smoke and oh hell YES Tyler Bryant and name! Ago and just a great Southern rock band ) Led by Marcus Deml Sound and featuring! All these artists are some of these two big lists page we provide a list of those who! Discover some awesome artists of her native Canada Smith from Australia, one... Mato Nanji her roots in Bradford ( where dat? ) the Teskey Brothers Chris. Gospel and the Divided Kingdom in 2019 and beyond review when done intelligent coverage rock blues... Trucks Band.\ keep updating this list!!!!!!!!!!!!!., definetly worth a mention, check them out thank you in it -! Lot and Sidewinder is great as you said also strive to find great musicians!, LLC and hear n't help ItBrand new Heavies - GetawayBrandon Williams feat Davina and the Slide Brothers artist! Have listed others to look forward to checking out some of the best the RainRaphael saadiq - Sweet! And going to check out the amazingly talented John Fairhurst to add to the under the favorites... Philip Sayce on your list–one of my fave vinyls for blues/soul!!!!!!!!!! Very much for your blues & blues rock cohort music, but 6 months earlier musicians actual.

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