Mobiveil’s LDPC Encoder / Decoder* is a flash reliability solution delivering industry-leading flash endurance and retention through advanced LDPC error correction coupled with statistical digital signal processing (S-DSP) at the lowest power and smallest foot print. LDPC incorporates these advanced technology in to a highly scalable flash media side platform that can be tailored to customers specific application requirements from smart phones and tablets that require ultra-low power consumption to SSDs for enterprise computing applications that demand the highest performance.

  • Patented technology delivers the industry’s highest reliability, highest performance, and lowest power for next-generation flash controllers
  • Dramatic increases in P/E cycles significantly extends the life of flash memory
  • Addresses the reliability challenges of MLC, TLC and 3D Flash at 1y and 1z nm geometries
  • Access to flash manufacturer’s test mode commands to enable the generation of soft information for optimal reliability performance