Mobiveil’s Integrated Flash Controller (IFC) also referred as ‘ONFI NAND Flash Controller’ or ‘Toggle NAND Flash Controller’ is a highly flexible and configurable design targeted for consumer applications like camera, audio players flash based storage drives, networking and communication devices, etc. The IFC is used to access the external NAND Flash, NOR Flash, EPROM, SRAM and Generic ASIC memories. The controller architecture is carefully tailored to provide ease of integration to SoC and chip select to enable the use of memory banks depending on the choice of memory.

AXI System Interface

  • AXI V1.0 Compliant Slave Interface


  • Supports x8/x16 NAND flash interface
  • Supports ONFi 3.1 (NV-DDR2 mode)
  • Supports Toggle Mode 2.0 NAND Interface
  • BCH code up to 40 bit Error correction per sector
  • ECC generation/checking optional