Embedded Software Development:

Mobiveil’s Embedded Software team is capable of building a complete system from the base OS platform to building middleware frameworks for multi card chassis systems.

Mobiveil has strong Embedded Software development skills and has expertise in the following operating Systems

vxworks tizenpng threadx qnx linux

Team at Mobiveil had worked in most of the industry leading Processors/Microcontrollers like

  • TI OMAP 4 – ARM Cortex A9 Processor
  • TI AM335x MPU
  • Freescale i.MX5,6 – Cortex A8, A9 Processors
  • Freescale QorIQ processors like P2020, P3041, P4080
  • Cavium Octeon Series
  • Broadcom BCM1125, 1250 Multi Core Processor
  • Intel Xscale, Atom
  • Atmel’s SAM series MCUs

Mobiveil has the following Device driver development/ porting expertise

  • Ethernet Driver
  • USB Device
  • USB Host
    • EHCI, xHCI
    • Class driver (Mass storage, printer etc)
  • SATA, SAS, IDE Drivers
  • NOR, NAND, CF Flash Drivers
  • SPI, I2C Drivers
  • DDR2/3 Drivers
  • Customer FPGA/CPLD drivers
  • PCIe, sRIO, NVME drivers
  • Firmware development for Microcontroller systems

Mobiveil’s middleware development expertise includes

  • SNMP Agent Development
  • L2-L4 Protocol level implementation using Silicon SDK
  • High Availability Solutions – OpenSAF, OpenClovis, proprietary
  • IPMI/BMC implementation

Mobiveil has solid team which can build Board support package for any processor platform based on Linux and Android. This includes development of Device drivers, porting of Uboot and porting of Linux to provide a complete package for building Middleware and application on top. Mobiveil has capability to develop system level middleware like IPMI, High Availability and also can integrate and validate any third party middleware. Mobiveil has capabilities around L2-L4 protocol level implementations which includes feature additions, building RFC compliance, targeting to Multi Core processors and Network Processors.

Some of the Middleware that Mobiveil has expertise include OpenGL, OpenMAX, Gstreamer, etc.

BSP and Firmware

We have hands on grounds up expertise in building and optimizing BSP. We utilize our expertise to help collaborate with Silicon vendors and OEMs catering to the mobile markets to build and optimize BSP and firmware. Some of the Boot Loaders Mobiveil has expertise includes

  • Uboot
  • Redboot
  • Coreboot
  • FSP – for Intel
  • UEFI BIOS framework
  • Manufacturing diagnostics & BISTUL607300/VDE safety firmware

Digital Media Initiatives

Mobiveil has invested in building expertise in SBT/OTT which enables the user to get the most popular web-generated content in their TV screens. Following activities are carried out in SBT/OTT

Gained experience in OpenBricks enterprise-grade embedded Linux framework. Using this successfully ported the GeeXboX Linux OS distribution in TI’s OMAP 4 based board to run the XBMC Media center software.

Successfully integrated and tested the following feature our STB/OTT platform,

  • DVB-T (mobile TV format)
  • DVB-H
  • Electronic program guides (EPGs) and interactive program guides
  • DLNA Stack
  • Live TV channel streaming (Live internet TV channels)
  • Free access to the internet content aggregators like YouTube, OpenCable etc
  • Remote access to control the channels etc…