Steven Shrader

Chief Architect

Steven Shrader, Chief Architect of Mobiveil has more than 36 years’ experience in the storage and memory markets. Prior to Mobiveil he worked as an Architect at Samsung Architecture Lab responsible for large compute installations of memory systems. Prior to Samsung he worked as an architect at Denali Software where he architected and designed the Databahn family of DDR and flash controller IPs.

At Denali he also architected an SSD solution for MLC/TLC and Flash Cache. Denali was later acquired by Cadence design systems in 2010 where he continued his role as Architect for memory and interface technology IPs. Prior to Denali he worked at Hewlett Packard responsible for ASIC development for RAID controller memory systems and mirroring

Steven is a firm believer in innovation with emphasis on team execution. His major goal is to get the best efforts of the team into the IP. Having been in product development and understanding the problems of production, IP products can be designed to be easily integrated into customers products with the best of innovation.