Mobiveil’s Management team includes professionals from the Semiconductor, Systems and E-commerce industries with extensive experience in all aspects of management. Our management has years of experience managing global organizations and dealing with customers and partners worldwide. The management believes in prudent R&D and innovation, exceptional customer support and value based customer relationships.
ravi Ravi Thummarukudy
Chief Executive Officer

Ravi Thummarukudy, CEO of Mobiveil, Inc. has over 31 years of experience in Semiconductor/IP/EDA industry. Before Mobiveil, he was a co-founder of GDA Technologies, Inc which was later acquired by L&T Infotech. At L&T Infotech he was the VP & GM for IP Licensing and HW/SOC services. Prior to this, he held various Global Business and Technology Management positions at Cadence Design Systems, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). He nurtured an open work culture based on continuous learning & Innovation….more

gopa Gopa Periyadan
Chief Operating Officer

Gopa joined Mobiveil as it’s Chief Operating Officer in August 2012 and brings more than 32 years of senior-level management, engineering, sales and marketing experience in multiple sectors of the electronics industry in Product as well as Services space. Prior to joining Mobiveil, he was the Vice President of Business development for Product Engineering Services Business Unit, heading its North America business at L&T Infotech Ltd, a $750M+ Information Technologies & Product Engineering Services company inside $12B+ L&T Group of companies…..more

amit-150 Amit Saxena
Vice President of Engineering

Amit Saxena, Vice President of Engineering, Digital IP Business Unit, leads the strategy and development of High speed interconnects Intellectual blocks at Mobiveil. Amit brings more than 23 years of Engineering and Management experience in the Semiconductor, IP and Systems Industry. Prior to this position, he had served as the Director of Engineering at L&T Infotech and GDA Technologies where he led development and deployment of high speed Interconnect IP blocks including PCI Express, RapidIO, USB3 and MIPI…more

srini D.Srinivasan
Managing Director – Mobiveil India

Srini is the Managing Director of Mobiveil of India Operations. Srini brings more than 27 years of technical and management experience in Engineering Design, Development and Deployment in Networking, Telecom and Compute domains in both Product and Services industries. Apart from having the operational responsibilities of running the India unit, Srini has the engineering responsibilities of driving Product Engineering Services…more

Andrei Dr. Andrei Vityaev
Technical Advisor

Andrei Vityaev has a rich back ground and experience in the field of data Storage and Signal Processing. He has served as the CEO of Proton Digital which developed NAND Flash Media Manager IP for Enterprise applications. Prior to Proton he was a Fellow at LSI Logic where he managed a multi-disciplinary team spread over multiple sites developing industry’s first 40nm Read Channel. Prior to LSI he also worked at Infineon , Marvell and Broadcom in Signal processing and IC implementation. Andrei started his professional career as a research mathematician and was assistant professor of mathematics at the University of Washington, Seattle…more