Mobiveil Inc. a proven Silicon IP provider for SSD Storage domain and High speed IO connectivity is offering proven AXI Interconnect IP solution for use in SOC applications. With this IP addition, Mobiveil offers complete set of IPs needed for accelerated SOC development that includes PCIe, DDR/LPDDR, Toggle/NAND, RISC-V Core, Interrupt Controller, QSPI, I2C, UART, GPIO, AXI-APB Bridge and Timer.

The AXI MATRIX-IP component is a multi-layer interconnect implementation of the AXI protocol, which is designed for high-performance, high-frequency system designs. AXI MATRIX-IP is highly configurable with the capacity to handle up to 16 Masters and Slaves. IP can be configured to support AXI3, AXI4-Lite or AXI4.

Gen1/2/3 RC Controller with SRIOV

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