Turnkey Solution

  • Complex FPGA design & Implementation
  • Structured ASIC Migration for FPGA products – Low cost, low power, Higher Performance
  • Risc-V based SOC Platform for various applications

Consulting services

  • Early feasibility analysis to help customer, conclude on feature sets and high level architecture of their ASIC/FPGAs
  • Enabling accelerated closure of designs to ‘Production Quality’
  • ‘IP Packaging’ of SOC blocks for reusability and license-ability

Standalone services

  • Multi-million ASIC Implementation – Design/Integration, Linting, CDC and synthesis
  • Coverage driven & Power/CDC aware functional verification

Specialized Domains

  • Flash Storage – Strong in storage protocols and systems
  • High density FLASH storage & Hybrid memory systems
  • SOC FPGAs – Zynq, Arria, 7-Series

Differentiated Advantages

  • ‘Production Proven set of IPs & VIPs’ enabled services
  • Reusable SOC components and BFMs


Contact sales@mobiveil.com for more information.