Hardware Development:

Mobiveil’s engineering team is composed of talented pool of experienced engineers with Product development experience in several domains including Telecom, Networking, Storage, Consumer Electronics and Internet of things.

The Engineering team has high levels of productivity in the industry and has strong commitment to achieve highest degree of quality. Mobiveil strives not just to meet the design requirements but goes an extra mile to achieve Product reliability enhancement, cost optimization, Power optimization. The tested and Proven Design process of Mobiveil ensures Production quality hardware in lesser iterations. Mobiveil has a track record of working with repeat customers

Value Proposition to our customers

  • Strong commitment to quality on every single deliverables
  • Strict adherence to Delivery commitments
  • High quality Engineering deliverables at competitive pricing
  • Expertise to build boards that work right at the first time
  • Take up Full ownership of the Design and thus relieving our customers to focus on their core competence
  • Rapid Prototyping for faster product development
  • As a learning organization, we are improving our process on a continuous basis.


  • Requirement gathering
  • Architecture development
  • Schematics Design
  • Board Bring up and Testing services
  • System level testing and interoperability testing
  • Design validation Testing services
  • Compliance Testing services – RoHS, EMI/EMC, UL certification
  • Sustenance support – Cost Reduction, Obsolescence, Feature Additions
  • Production Testing services


  • Pre and Post Layout Analysis
  • Time Domain Simulation
  • PCB layer stack up strategy
  • Model Integrity
  • Signal and Clock Topology Definition
  • Multigigbit Channel analysis for Backplane, Cables etc
  • XTalk, SSO and ISI verification
  • Post Layout Verification
  • Post Layout Timing Closure
  • Power aware SI Analysis
  • Batch Simulation

Tool Expertise

  • SpectraQuest, ADS, HyperLynx, HSPICE


  • DDR3,  PCIe Gen3, SATA Gen3, XAUI, sRIO


  • IBIS v5.0 (Power Aware)
  • IBIS – AMI
  • ELDO
  • S-Parameters
  • Lumped RC



  • Decoupling Strategy
  • Impedance profile for PDN’s
  • Filter Designs
  • Power Plane and Distribution
  • Power / GND Plane Noise Analysis

As part of the total product design services as well as a stand-a-lone service, Mobiveil provides highly skilled printed circuit board and layout design for embedded, networking and wireless products.

The team has expertise in the following tools

  • Allegro
  • Expedition
  • Altium



Mobiveil team has work on both flex PCB’s and high layer count design with high frequency interconnects that needs constraint based approach. All design work is done in collaboration with hardware, Industrial design and mechanical engineers to ensure high performance and mechanically viable.

Some of the CAD expertise’s that the team possesses are

  • Expertise in High Speed design
  • Expertise in building complex boards with very high layer count
  • Form factor designs
    • ATCA, uTCA, cPCI, ATX, Blade Server
  • Constraint driven routing methodology
  • SI analysis
  • Gerber – Easy migration to many fab vendors
  • Blind/Buried Vias
  • Excellent understanding on the Mechanical constraints



  • Single Core, Multi-Core Processor designs
    • Freescale – PowerQuicc, QorIQ, i.MX Series Processors, StarCore DSP
    • Intel – IXP, Xscale, Xeon, Atom, Pentium-M, Celeron
    • ARM, MIPS, Cavium, Sparc, IBM, AMCC, Broadcom, EZChip, TI, Wintegra
  • Memory Technologies
    • DDR2,3, LP-DDR2/3, QDR, RLDRAM, SRAM
  • Flash
    • NOR, NAND, MMC, SD
  • High Speed IO Interconnects
    • PCIe-2/3, sRIO, InfiniBand,
  • Storage
    • SATA 2/3, IDE, Fibre Channel
  • Networking
    • 1G/10G, GPON, EPON, xDSL, OC-3 to 192
  • Wireless
    • WiFi, BT, Zigbee, NFC, GPS

The hardware skills with a domain focused vertical skills provides our customers a good value add working with Mobiveil. Some of the domains where Mobiveil has strong expertise includes

  • Server Class Systems
    • 1U, 2U Rack Servers, Blade Servers
  • Single Board Computers
    • Mini-ITX, Com-Express, PC104Plus, ETX and many form factor designs
  • Chassis bases Systems
    • cPCI, uTCA, ATCA and customer chassis based designs
    • Hot Swappable, Redundant, High Available Systems
  • Network/ Telecom Products
    • IP-PBX, xDSL – DSLAM, GPON – OLT, EPON- OLT Systems
    • 1G/10G Switch Blades, Aggregator
    • GSM, 3G Base Station Design – Pico, Femto, Macro Base Stations
    • OC-3 to OC-192 Framer, Mapper Designs
    • UTM, Firewall
  • Consumer Products
    • STB, OTT
      • Tablet, Hand Held designs
    • Residential Gateway
  • Storage Products
    • HBA – PCIe based Fibre Channel HBA’s
    • NVMe Storage Cards
    • Fibre Channel Switches
    • Multi Port SAS Storage Servers